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By confirming your booking at EasyRide Ksamil, you consent to our rental terms:

  1. You acknowledge receiving the motorbike in optimal condition and agree to return it likewise.
  2. You bear responsibility for any penalties or traffic violations. Off-road driving or competition participation is prohibited.
  3. You are accountable for any damage to the motorbike and will cover the rental fees during repair periods.
  4. Optional comprehensive insurance is available for an additional fee, covering vehicle damage subject to a deductible set by the rental office.
  5. The optional insurance excludes coverage for damages resulting from drunkenness, drug use, speeding, incorrect driving side, traffic sign ignorance, mechanical failures, or tyre damage due to negligence.
  6. You must take necessary measures to prevent further loss or damage in the event of an accident or breakdown. Failure to do so makes you liable for damages, even with additional or other insurance.
  7. You must notify the rental office and relevant authorities immediately in case of an accident.
  8. Compensation claims against the company for accidents due to mechanical failure are not valid.
  9. For long-term rentals, you must bring the motorbike for inspections at intervals set by the rental company.
  10. You are responsible for damages resulting from neglecting this agreement.
  11. You are liable for all types of breakages.
  12. The rental company reserves the right to withdraw the motorbike and terminate the contract if you breach any terms.
  13. By signing, you accept all contract terms. Disputes will adhere to Albanian Law and be subject to the jurisdiction of Albanian courts, irrespective of your nationality.
  14. A security deposit ranging from €100 to €500 is required, as indicated in your booking voucher.
  15. The deposit is refundable upon returning the motorbike undamaged.
  16. These conditions are preliminary and will be finalized in the paper contract upon motorbike collection.