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Greetings from EasyRide Ksamil! Embark on an adventure through the picturesque landscapes of Ksamil with our state-of-the-art scooters, designed for fun, efficient, and cost-effective travels at the leisure of your own discovery.

Getting on the move with EasyRide is effortlessly simple. Here’s everything you need to start your journey:

Essential Paperwork:

  • Identification Verification: We prioritize a trustworthy rental service, hence, a legitimate passport or ID card issued by the government is necessary for verification.

  • Riding Qualification: For the safety of all our riders, a current driver’s license is mandatory to ensure you’re legally qualified for a scooter ride.

Security Assurance:

  • Deposit for Peace of Mind: A refundable security deposit is obligatory to guarantee your rental. Flexible payment options are available; you can utilize either a credit card or cash. Rest assured, this deposit will be returned in full when the scooter is brought back without any alterations.

Embark on Your EasyRide:

  • With the formalities out of the way and your deposit in place, you’re ready to roll! Our amiable team will acquaint you with your e-scooter and make sure you’re confident for the journey ahead. Make sure to inquire about our suggested itineraries and insider tips to Ksamil’s must-visit spots!

How it works

Simple explanation of the rental process

Date & Location

Pick the location and the needed rent date.

Make A Booking

Complete all booking details, and receive the contract.

Enjoy Your Ride!

Enjoy your trip and our good service!

Why Choose EasyRide?

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year 2024

Dayang 125cc

Maximum comfort for mobility

Ideal for group tours and short trips

RCA Insurance


Full Tank (to be returned full)


Ksamil by Scooter

Ksamil City has embraced the culture of two-wheel transportation, with motorcycles becoming the primary mode of travel for both locals and a captivating way for tourists to explore the city.

While the prevalence of motorcycles in Ksamil City is evident, it’s crucial to recognize that operating any type of motorbike demands responsibility. Despite the ease of riding an automatic scooter, particularly if it’s compact, lacking prior experience can pose significant risks.

Travelers and residents alike are urged to exercise caution and prioritize safety while navigating the city on two wheels. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice, remember to drive carefully to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience in Ksamil City.

Frequently Asked Questions | Faq

Yes, especially during the summer peak season, July and August. The scooter is the most convenient way to explore Ksamil.

Renting a scooter in Ksamil costs about 20 € / Day depending on the season. You can get the best prices by making a reservation earlier and not waiting for June, July and August when it is peak season.

To rent a scooter in Albania you need a valid driving licence ( A, A1, A2, or B.) and an identification document such as ID or Passport.